Steroids – Good To Be Bad?

How many of us have not thought of this word when we see a person with heavy muscles, or players who look hefty than normal. The first thought that comes to us is “steroids”, no matter one knows or understands totally about steroids. Well this is totally a judgmental behavior of one which is not a present concern. What exactly are steroids? In simple words these are another type of hormones chemically a group of organic compounds typically arranged in a specific order.  Human bodies also produce some steroids commonly known as estrogen, testosterone, etc. Steroids are also produced in animals and plants and are termed as organic steroids. Artificial or synthetic steroids are classified in to two types’ anabolic steroids and corticosteroids.

Faces of a coin:

Anabolic steroids are often used for faster muscle growth, helps in improving the performance; it is mainly an enhancement drug. Because of this it is sometimes used by athletes, foot ball players, wrestlers, boxers, swimmers, etc. There are even other legal types of anabolic steroids which have less impact in damaging the health and can be used as a supplement. Human growth hormone fragments can be used as a supplement as they do not come under the category of anabolic steroids. There are many side effects of these anabolic steroids and the severity depends on the type of synthetic steroids taken and the rate of body to accept these anabolic steroids. Heavy usage of these anabolic steroids enhance the development of tumors in the kidney, liver, increase in the blood pressure, infertility both with men and women, reduction of sperm count , shrinkage of male organ, cancer, and many more. The side effects in women are increase in their facial hair growth, baldness, and changes in menstrual cycles, severe acne, and many more. The side effects not only associated with the physical body but also increase the emotional problems, mood swings, anger, and other psychological problems. Because of these severe effects synthetic anabolic steroids became illegal to use. Check the before and results of after a steroid cycle here.


For whom in need of these hormones supplements can take legal steroids which are available in the market and not harmful as anabolic steroids. The anabolic steroids supplements – legal steroids are available in markets in various forms and can be taken to enhance the body growth and strength.  One can achieve the same results as that of anabolic steroids with legal steroids and has less impact on health. Although, legal steroids should only be taken with prescription and should not exceed the recommended dosage, prescribed by a licensed trainer or a physician. All these activities affect not only the mechanism of human body but also regulate the activities of other hormones in the body. Avoiding junk foods rich in fatty acids and taking high protein foods helps in natural increase of these anabolic steroids in the body. .  It is always recommended to take natural supplements to boost anabolic steroids levels in the body and enhance with the heavy workouts.