Primobolan Review

Before using any potent Steroid, it is advised to know everything about it to get most benefits and avoid unnecessary side effects. Primobolan, a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid is considered to be good variation of testosterone. To avoid the possible side effects of Primobolan, you need to be wary of your dosage cycle and certain dangers with are associated with it. Everyone has a different dosage when it comes to this drug, so you need to find the best suitable cycle for yourself. Not only this, while planning to take it, you should also know that whether oral or injectables will be safe for your body. You can know more about Primobolan at

How Primobolan works?

Primobolan is a man made anabolic steroid with is considered to be an alternative for testosterone and is manufactured in a laboratory.  Many professional bodybuilders and athletes who take it refer it by name – methenolone acetate. However, it is milder than Testosterone but when it is combined with other anabolic steroids, proper diet and exercise it can provide you with impressive result. The bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger also used this steroid to get exceptional result. But is it a good alternative over Testosterone and Trenbolone? Primobolan has an anabolic/ androgenic rating of around 88-90/44-60 unlike Testosterone which has a rating of about 100/100. So, due to less androgenic properties it is relatively safe when it comes to some of the side effects. But, it is not recommended for new Steroid users as the reaction of the drug tend to make undesirable and adverse side effects which are capable to ruin their life. If you want necessary information to stay away from such dangers, you can look for Primobolan at drug has is being used since 1960s by both males and females due to low androgenic property and mild anabolic property. It is used even by the professional to promote lean muscle mass and recover from a long term illness anything from a malnutrition to diseases like AIDS and anemia. Primobolan is referred by many names which includes  Nibal, Methenolone, Premobolone, Methylandrostenolone and the prescribed dosage for men ranges between 50 to 75 mg while for women it is somewhere between 25 to 50 mg per day.

Primobolan Side effects

Some bodybuilders ignore the negative effect of this drug thinking that the side effects of this are minimal. Primobolan has been found to provide a number of complexities in the body if not used properly. Anything above medical recommendation is considered to be an irresponsible use and usually bodybuilders try to do that for physical performance enhancement. There are research going on which may prove that Primobolan consider cancer causing substance and can also lead to carcinogenicity. It can also cause infertility and is not recommended for pregnant women. Apart from liver toxicity, it is also capable of increasing the risk of heart attack and development of gynecomastia. It may also lead to complete baldness and hypertension and can even cause suppression of Testosterone in the body.