Types of spare tires- You must know before your purchase one!

Currently, there are few vehicles equipped with a spare tire equal to the original four. Most contemporary vehicles have a spare wheel “limited use” may be different in size and construction of the original. Other vehicles need no spare wheel, thanks to the tires Run-flat , which can support the weight of the car without air and provide extra mobility, another option is to repair systems and inflation, as ZP Michelin or ls SSR Continental .

  1. Spare tire equal to the original

These parts are those that require more storage space and more versatile. Also, they should be integrated into the rotation pattern from the beginning; This will create a set of five tires that last longer than one in four also “wear” spare tire before “aging”. If the vehicle has four-wheel drive (4 × 4) or permanent drive four, the spare will maintain a depth similar to the remaining footprint. In addition, when replacing the tires, will allow us more flexibility as to buy modern technology wheels or choose a different size to fit the original wheels. It can be housed under the car, they have a different wheel to the original tires but the rim is the same. You can buy aftermarket Escalade wheels offered by Usarim for best quality rims.

  1. Spare tire regular size and temporary use

These spare wheels have the same dimensions as the tires and rim original wheels, but a lighter construction and a depth smaller footprint, with the idea of reducing the weight of the car and improve gas mileage, as well as facilitating installation. Most modern vehicles are equipped with alloy wheels, but these temporary spare wheels, have a steel wheel. Many of the spare tires are designed with the intent to allow him to drive to the gas station, workshop or to repair the affected tire. In the profile will always bring the callsign is temporary.

  1. Compact temporary spare rim

These spare tires are smaller and narrower than the original tires and wheels of the vehicle. Its smallest dimension requires that the air pressure is higher (approximately 60 psi) than regular tires. They are also lightweight to reduce vehicle weight and their tread is not as deep, which allows more space in the trunk. These wheels have been designed to work alone in the vehicle where they come from. It is advisable not to try to use these tires in other vehicles, unless, that is of the same make and model. These tires usually only good for 80 kilometers.

Security advice

First of all, we must know how to change the tires of the vehicle, can learn how here , then locate where you should place the jack under the vehicle and practice change a wheel in the owner’s manual will tell you how to use properly. Check the vehicle with a spare wheel is difficult and most have instructions not to drive faster than 30 km per hour and no more than 60 kilometers away, nor should towing vehicles, etc.

We must check the air pressure with a gauge of air pressure  once a month or at the same time verifying the others. There is nothing more unpleasant than when replacing a tire, find the spare tire. It is important to maintain the air pressure recommended by the manufacturer when you use the spare wheel.

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