Top 5 Websites to Sell Second Hand Scooter/Bike

Selling your old Scooters and bikes can be a difficult job if you have not made out a proper plan to follow. There are a number of things such as legal transfer of the vehicle from your name to the new buyer’s name, giving your vehicle a touch-up to look better and more. Also, searching for a potential buyer and determining the present value of your scooter/bike can also be a hideous work.

However, with the coming of new websites to aide in buying and selling pre-owned scooters and bikes, most of the tension among the people is cleared off their minds. Here, we present you with the top websites where you can easily sell your pre-owned scooters and bikes.

The ultimate leader in the world of buying and selling used scooter and bikes is Credr. This website provides all its potential customers with a number of interesting features to have them combine with the company. For people looking to sell their old bikes/scooters, Credr provides them with a free check-up and price estimation of the current value of the vehicle. Besides, it also makes an offer much higher than most other websites to buy the vehicle for the seller. For buyers of used bikes/scooters, Credr provides them with 6 months of free warranty and a free accidental cover of Rs 2 lakhs.

Droom is another most popular brand in the field of buying and selling pre-owned vehicles. Droom allows you to calcite a fair price in respect to the present condition of your two-wheelers and provides you with a deal to purchase the vehicle from you. Besides, Droom also offers you with personal assistance in solving any of your vehicular problems, free inspection for people coming to sell their pre-owned vehicles and allows you to meet with potential customers who might be looking to buy your old two-wheeler.

Quikr Bikes

Quikr Bikes is a sub division unit of Quikr which provides you with a platform to connect to people who might be looking forward to buy your old scooters and bikes. You can create a free account on the website and post an online classified ad to sell your two-wheelers. Complete the ad with relevant details about your bike or scooter such as present condition, your expected price, manufacturing year, fuel efficiency and other details such as engine performance, Suzuki Gixxer SF top speed and upload a few photographs to go with your ad to provide the potential buyers with a look at your two-wheeler.

Zigwheels is one of the biggest online buying and selling used scooter and bike portal in the country. You can easily put up a classified ad on the website complete with details regarding your bike and scooters along with pictures and wait for potential customers to contact you regarding the same. Zigwheels provides you with a way to connect to people who might be looking ahead and would be interested in taking your old scooter or bike from your hands.

This website is one of the biggest online retailers of pre-owned bikes in the India. Users can easily sell and buy old bikes through the help of this website. You can upload your bike details in a classified ad if you are looking forward to selling your bike.

The Last Words

For example, if you want to sell your old Gixxer SF, you can post a free ad on the website and enter all the details such as the model number, manufacturing year, Suzuki Gixxer SF top speed, mileage and more with the expected price and upload few photos to accompany the ad