How FPA Med Can Help When You Need Expert In Forensic Psychiatry

In legal cases, lawyers representing clients may need the help of forensic psychiatrists to testify in court. This is particularly so if a lawyer believes that a report on a defendant presented by a forensic psychiatrist may help in the case. In such a situation, the forensic psychiatrist acts as an expert witness. Civil cases involving assault, abuse, and other crimes may be difficult even for lawyers and the jury. People with mental health may find themselves accused of crimes they committed or they did not. Here are ways FPA Med may help you when you need a forensic psychiatry expert:

In court trials

If you need an expert witness with experience in forensic psychiatrist to testify in court, you should get one who has worked in this field and understands the legal system adequately. If you have someone convicted of crime, and your lawyer feels that you need an expert witness to provide evidence to court, for instance, in a criminal case, then a forensic psychiatrist may be needed.

The expert will provide opinions to the court on various aspects including the fitness of the defendant to plead or the fitness of the defendant to stand trial. The expert may give opinion about capacity to form an intent. Because of the nature of work these experts do, they give unbiased opinion regarding a defendant.

Consultation work

Patients who are thought to be a risk to others may require assessment by a forensic psychiatrist  so that other professionals can get details about the mental health of the persons implicated and how it is likely to present a risk to other people. The expert provides assessment, which includes expertise on psychological treatment approaches to people with violent behaviors likely to be caused by mental disorders. This is particularly useful in inpatient psychiatric care where a patient may be perceived to put others at risks because of their mental problems. For example, if a crime offender is to be placed in such care, the administration may want to know if it is safe to have  such an individual in the facility.

Child custody evaluations

The issue of child custody can be complex if it is perceived that one of the spouses or a guardian may have mental health problems or disorders. The child may be at a risk if he or she is to be under the custody of such a person. A forensic psychiatrist has to provide valuable information based on assessment of the disordered parent and whether he or she can really take care of the child. Such information may be helpful to divorce lawyers and the family courts in making ruling and decisions regarding the same.

Not only do these experts provide advice to courts but also to probation service, hospital manager’s hearings, mental health review tribunals, and prison service. Whether you need help with issues involving sexual abuse violations, substance abuse, criminal capacity to testify, or criminal responsibility also referred to as insanity defense, you may consult with FPA Med to get a forensic psychiatry service.