5 Tips to Reinvent your Look This Spring

Many people view spring as the perfect time to remodel their homes. They thoroughly clean and repurpose many household items. By the end of spring, their house looks great. Remodeling your home is a great spring project, but remodeling yourself can be an even better one.

The cold winter weather damages our bodies, especially our skin and hair. It can also have an impact on our overall emotional health. Therefore, spring can be the perfect season to give yourself a boost with a few changes.

  1. Try New Makeup

Visit a department store and ask for some makeup and beauty product recommendations. The sales representatives will try to sell you the most expensive items, but just focus on her consultation.

Use her recommendations to find discounted versions of that makeup online, or look around the store for similar, cheaper products.

The addition of a little more makeup really helps accentuate your features.

  1. Change Your Hair Style

Splurge a little on a trip to the salon. Look up some local salons, read reviews, and know exactly what you want. Visit a few local shops to find the best one for your style and budget. Tell your stylist your intended style, and then let her work.

If you’re feeling bold, just give the stylist free reign to do any style that she thinks works best for your face.

  1. Add New Wardrobe Items

Spring is all about bright and bold colors. Give into the hype, a bit, and buy some items from the spring collection of your favorite store. Adding a few new items won’t hurt your budget, but it could boost your appearance.

If you have more than enough clothes, add a few accessories. Consider getting some sunglasses, a new purse, or even a few new pair of spring and summer shoes.

  1. Change Your Diet

The best makeover you can do this spring is a full body one. Start eating healthier by adding more fresh produce to your diet. A larger variety of fruits and vegetables come into season during the spring. You have a lot more healthy options.

  1. Intensify your Beauty Regime

Winter does many harsh things to your skin, nails, and hair. The best way to restore this damage is to start a new beauty regime. Keep a strict beauty schedule that involves creams, oils, and lotions. These items help restore natural moisture and hair growth.